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26 April 2023

Meet Mike Hulstrøm, a passionate solar Sales Manager at Kooi Camera Surveillance. He was born with a global perspective, being half-Danish and half-Philippine. Although he originally hails from Funen, Mike currently resides in Copenhagen, where he found the perfect opportunity to pursue his passion in sales and leadership.

The biggest part of his track record lies at Telenor, a Norwegian worldwide telecom company. “Here I worked for eight years. First, as a sales employee, later on, assistant manager and, finally, store manager,” Mike says. “I hired and recruited new colleagues and encouraged them to be the best version of themselves.” He also obtained a degree in Leadership and Management, which has equipped him with valuable skills for his current role.

Excited by the road full of adventures

Mike's journey at Kooi began with a job offer for a sales manager in the Danish solar market. He reflects on his first talks with his Danish colleagues and at the Dutch headquarters, saying "Immediately there was a match and a click from both sides." The thing that excited Mike the most about joining Kooi was the road full of unexpected adventures that lie ahead. “Often your work is all planned out. You have a role with all the basic routines. At Kooi, we are growing fast with a small team and I love to be part of that new journey and be part of the success.”

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High standard products

Mike’s focus at Kooi is on the solar industry. “The market of solar farms is expanding fast. In the whole of Scandinavia billions of Danish Krones will be invested in the wind- and solar projects over the next years.” He is excited to introduce the premium products of Kooi to the suppliers. “The Units For Observation (UFO) are high standard,” Mike states. “Our most powerful asset is our 24/7 surveillance combined with the 247Kooi app. This way those responsible for the construction site can always rely on our systems when they are not there. We offer a safety guarantee so to speak.”

Similarity in thinking

Working at Kooi means meeting new people and cultures, but Mike feels like he's speaking the same language as his colleagues. He immediately felt the warmth and goodwill of his colleagues, and there's a pleasant similarity between the Dutch and Danes in the way they think. “We have a good time and good laughs but when we are working we working diligently and putting forth our best efforts.”

If you are interested in learning more about our remote camera solutions for the solar industry, don't hesitate to contact Mike Hulstrøm. With his passion and expertise in sales and leadership, Mike is the perfect person to guide you through the benefits of our high-standard products. Contact Mike today to start your journey towards a safer and more secure construction site.

‘Kooi's cutting-edge camera solutions make me proud to be part of such an innovative company!’

Mike Hulstrøm is committed to providing customers with the most effective security solutions for solar parks throughout Scandinavia. With a deep understanding of the unique challenges facing the renewable energy industry, Mike ensures that his clients receive the best possible service and security solutions.

M Holstrom Kooi

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