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24 October 2022

With a strong focus on the deployment of employees in various European countries, the expansion of Kooi Camera Surveillance still accelerates. The specialist in mobile camera surveillance and heat detection realized its highest growth numbers ever and has the ambition to at least double in size over the next three years to come. Peter Schollmann, CEO of Kooi: "Local teams, all based close to our customers, speaking the language of their respective country are key. The current growth numbers demonstrate this is the right strategy; appreciated by our customers and employees.”

Exactly one year ago, Schollmann took over as CEO of Kooi. He thus replaced founder Pieter Kooi, who stepped down but remains involved in the company as a major shareholder. The CEO sees Kooi growing rapidly both nationally and internationally. Over 200 professionals now work in the Netherlands and at offices in Germany, France, Denmark, Belgium and Spain. “On average the Kooi family grows with eight to ten new family members monthly across Europe. We are still able to find these colleagues based on the great team spirit within the company; the Kooi DNA about which we feel proud and GRUTSK (Frisian for proud),” says Schollmann.


Since 2010, Kooi’s Units For Observation (UFO) have been providing security services at construction sites and wind- and solar farms. Growing in a healthy and balanced way requires a sophisticated strategy. For Kooi, this consists of searching for European countries where the market for mobile camera surveillance is still uncharted territory. From here, small and local teams start to introduce the market to Kooi’s UFO’s. Schollmann: “This is also the best way to open new marketplaces for our units certainly in a time where labour is short and becoming more and more expensive. The expansion enables us to provide more local flavour in the respective markets. Sales teams are closer to their markets and customers and our monitoring rooms in France, Germany and The Netherlands are working more and more in a local, though standard, way.” Kooi’s local presence is supported by strong online initiatives and partner programs to ensure that a serious footprint will be achieved within a reasonable timeframe. “Growing step by step is absolutely the way to go in these new territories.”


For now, the long-term outlook also seems very promising. \We see great customer loyalty that allows us to build a more stable portfolio along the lines of cooperation with these customers. Essential for Kooi's long-term success,\ Schollmann analyses. The current growth path also finds its basis in the production and logistics performance of the operational team.

CEO Peter Schollmann: \Especially now with long lead times and the higher component cost they still manage in a centralized way to deliver what is commercially needed. A great compliment to them in challenging times.\

Peter Schollmann

New products

The new products that Kooi launched this year,  the UFO Pro and UFO Go are finding their way into the market, both as niche products in their respective segment. The UFO Pro is specially developed for larger sites where a permanent power connection is available. The UFO Go is made for securing shorter ranges like entrances and compact areas. “Customers are recognizing Kooi as a reliable specialist providing tailor-made services; tailored to their needs. For the period to come, we plan to benefit from the different product lines as well as looking to focus on additional specific customer needs, also outside the construction business.”


Of course, sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are more integrated than ever in Kooi’s business operations. Recently the company received the certification for the CO2 performance ladder. Schollmann: “We take CO2 emissions into account in every development. All of our products can be connected to high-voltage electricity and have the lowest possible energy consumption. The best example of this is our Solar Power Unit, a power supply that runs entirely on solar energy. But also our Powerbox has by far the lowest fuel consumption in the market.”


In the meantime, Schollmann is happy to see the business territory stretching from Hautakangas (Finland) to Pamplona (Spain).  And new international collaborations are underway. Schollmann: “As a European player in the market for mobile camera surveillance systems we see clear opportunities to extend this great journey even further. By growing local presence and putting the best teams together we will continue to be the reliable specialist.”