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16 June 2022

One of Europe’s largest players in the mobile camera surveillance and heat detection market, Kooi Camera Surveillance, opens a branch in Spain. “Spain fits in with our strategy to give our European growth ambitions an even firmer foundation,” says Kees van der Leij, the International Managing Director of Kooi.

Aside from the Netherlands, Kooi is also active in Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Denmark, Belgium, and Austria. Van der Leij, “The move fits in with Kooi’s growth ambitions to respond more to local market needs, wherein language and culture play important roles. We want to be closer to our customers, with local people as the point of contact.”

Kooi does not shy away from pioneering

Thanks to its network on the Iberian Peninsula, the first projects in Spain were started three years ago. Van der Leij: “The market for mobile camera surveillance in Spain is still young and is, therefore, completely open. That gives us good opportunities.” Kooi will mainly focus on the renewable energy market: the wind and solar parks. A new Spanish team is already operating from its new base in Barcelona. “It is very important to us that we speak our language and know the culture. The Spaniards appreciate that very much and that will hopefully give us an immediate advantage,” says van der Leij.

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