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30 April 2020

Kooi Alarm Center is the 24/7 alarm center of Kooi. With one click on the button, the operators can view all active UFOs in Europe. But what exactly do they actually do?

About Kooi Alarm Centre

The head office of Kooi is in Drachten. What is unique about this location is that the building used to belong to the Dutch Bank. This means that there is still a large safe seven meters below ground. Nowadays, Kooi Alarm Center is located there, surrounded by steel doors of hundreds of kilos. Our operators are "locked" from the rest of the company so that they can handle the alarms in peace.

Picking up and analyzing alarms

Our operators work in shifts so that there are always enough people present (so also at night) to immediately resolve incoming alarms. Just for your imagination: an alarm comes in. The operator picks it up immediately, by watching with the camera of the UFO where the alarm comes from. - Our work remains human work, and thanks to our well-trained operators, incoming alarms can be analysed even better- It is after work and a person is walking on the site. Is it the building foreman who has forgotten something? Or is it a suspicious person with bad plans?

Watch live and take action

Does the operator see an unwanted person at the (construction) location? Then they immediately take action. By means of a siren or voice message, the unwanted person is informed that he/she has been caught and someone is watching. In almost all cases, the person then leaves the site. In the unlikely event that this is not enough, the police will be called in (follow-up). By means of LiveView, the control room can always watch the image that our operators see on the screen. This allows the possible deployment of emergency services to be deployed faster and better prepared. A safe feeling so that you can sleep in peace.