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Investing in a thermal camera for fire detection is a proactive step towards safeguarding your property. At Kooi Camera Surveillance, we understand the unique risks faced by waste management facilities, where the likelihood of heating and fire outbreaks is high. Our innovative fire detection system, the Rising Early Detection (RED), is designed to minimize these risks by continuously monitoring temperatures and detecting potential threats before they escalate. 

Prevent damage by investing in thermal cameras for fire detection 

The RED thermometric camera is a solution that ensures your waste processing facility is under constant surveillance for thermal camera usage to detect fire. By continuously registering the temperature within the storage area, the RED camera can detect any rise above a predefined threshold. When this occurs, an immediate alarm is sent to the Kooi Alarm Center, where our team is ready to take action. This 24/7 monitoring system ensures that potential fire hazards are addressed promptly, preventing direct and indirect damage. 

Benefits of thermal cameras for fire detection 

Using a thermal camera for fire detection offers numerous benefits, particularly for high-risk environments like waste management facilities. Here are some of the key advantages: 

  • Immediate detection of fire hazards: The RED camera's technology detects fire hazards at their earliest stages, ensuring timely intervention and reducing the risk of significant damage. 
  • Versatile, easy to install, and 24/7 surveillance: Our thermal cameras are easy to install and adaptable to both mobile and fixed solutions, providing round-the-clock surveillance and ensuring continuous protection and peace of mind. 
  • AI-driven alarm filtering and comprehensive coverage: AI technology filters out false alarms, ensuring only real threats trigger alerts. The 360-degree rotating and tilting camera covers up to 70,000 m², providing extensive surveillance and minimizing blind spots. 
  • Live feed access and expert analysis: Through the RED portal, you can watch a live feed of your facility anytime, especially for thermal cameras remote video monitoring. The Kooi Alarm Center team analyzes thermal images and intervenes directly when a potential fire is detected, ensuring prompt and effective management. 

Our thermal fire detection cameras 

Our advanced thermometric camera is designed to meet the rigorous demands of waste management facilities. Its continuous monitoring capabilities ensure that any abnormal temperature changes are detected immediately. The 360-degree rotating and tilting function allows for comprehensive coverage, while the AI-driven alarm filtering minimizes false alarms, ensuring that you are alerted only when there's a genuine threat. 

Frequently asked questions about thermal fire detection 

What is a thermal camera for fire detection? 

A thermal camera for fire detection uses infrared technology to monitor temperature changes in an environment, allowing for the early detection of potential fire hazards. 

How does a thermal camera detect fire? 

Thermal cameras detect fire by continuously measuring the temperature of an area. When the temperature exceeds a certain threshold, an alarm is triggered. 

Can thermal cameras be used for remote video monitoring? 

Yes, thermal cameras are highly effective for remote video monitoring, providing real-time surveillance and alerts from the Kooi Alarm Center. 

Are thermal cameras suitable for waste management facilities? 

Absolutely. Thermal cameras are particularly beneficial for waste management facilities due to their ability to detect fire hazards early and monitor large areas continuously. 

How can I watch the live feed from the thermal camera? 

You can access the live feed via the RED portal, allowing you to monitor your facility in real-time from any location. 


Protect your site from fire by investing in our cutting-edge thermal fire detection technology. Contact Kooi Camera Surveillance today to learn more about how our thermal cameras can enhance the safety and security of your waste management facility. Secure your property with the best in fire prevention thermal imaging technology. 

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