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Climate Action

Without action, global temperatures will rise by 3 degrees Celsius, and even more in some places.

SDG 13 focuses on addressing the man-made climate crisis. In 2015, the Paris Agreement was established that aims to reduce climate change and its adverse effects. The effects of climate change threaten people and nature. The goal also describes the importance of education, awareness and human and institutional capacity on climate change. (SDG, 2022)

Climate Action: 

We are actively addressing climate change and its repercussions. Our commitment involves reducing emissions in transportation, product development, and facilities. This comprehensive approach ensures sustainability across our entire supply chain, including our partners. Throughout these efforts, we adhere to CSRD legislation and leverage the CO2 performance ladder (2022). This tool enables us to quantify and visualize our CO2 footprint, aiding in the establishment of reduction targets. By doing so, we not only contribute to environmental goals but also enhance our reputation as a dependable and sustainable supplier.

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Sustainable Development Goals

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