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Responsible Consumption and Production

Today we waste 30% of global food production. We produce and consume without adequate consideration of the impact on the planet's natural resources.

Sustainable production and consumption, with a more efficient use of resources, lowers the pressure on the environment and reduces dependence on those resources. With this goal also touches on addressing global food waste and promoting sustainable practices in consumer behavior. (SDG, 2022)

Environment is no one's property to destroy; it's everyone's responsibility to protect.
Mohith Agadi, Author

Responsible production and consumption (circular production)

Kooi stands as the benchmark in the market for quality and product innovation. Our commitment to continuous product development is unwavering, with the ultimate goal of introducing a fully modular circular product. We are dedicated to minimising waste in both the production of our systems and our offices worldwide. For example, we built a new, fully sustainable building in Lanester, France. During the construction process, materials were carefully selected, and sustainable energy supply solutions were prioritised.


We also consider CO2 emissions when developing our products. All our products are designed to connect to three-phase power and have low energy consumption. In cases where there's no power supply on-site, Kooi provides sustainable energy solutions. The best example of this is the Solar Power Unit, which operates solely on solar energy. To combat light pollution during evenings and nights, our Units For Observation (UFO) come equipped with standard infrared lighting. Dirk de Jong, Manager of Product Development, emphasizes, "Infrared lighting is our standard, invisible to both humans and animals, minimising disturbances in built-up and open areas. Additionally, it keeps potential intruders unaware of our surveillance, reinforcing our security."

Sustainable Innovations at Kooi

Sustainability is a key consideration in our product development process. For example, we developed the UFO GO, a self-sufficient camera system powered by solar panels. With minimal energy consumption, the UFO GO operates year-round in the field.

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Our Powerboxes, or gensets, are easily fuelled with HVO100 Diesel, a blend with Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil that results in a remarkable 90% reduction in CO2 emissions. This eco-friendly diesel can be mixed with conventional fossil diesel without any fuel loss, offering several advantages:

  • Significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, exceeding 90%.
  • Compatible with current diesel engines.
  • Improved air quality.
  • Renewable and sustainable.

Sustainable Development Goals

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