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28 February 2024

Copper theft poses a significant threat to the flourishing Spanish wind industry, and safeguarding against this rising concern is crucial for uninterrupted progress. Over the past five years, the escalation of copper theft incidents emphasises the need for proactive measures in Spain. 

In the wind energy sector, copper is pervasive, from essential wiring in turbines to critical electrical components. The economic impact of copper theft is profound, underlining the urgency for robust security solutions tailored to the unique demands of Spanish wind projects. 

Advanced technology for tailored defence 

Traditional security methods are no longer sufficient, and embracing modern solutions is imperative. Kooi Camera Surveillance, a trusted provider of remote security solutions, offers state-of-the-art surveillance systems designed for wind farms protection. Our solutions provide real-time monitoring, advanced threat detection, and immediate response capabilities, customisable to the distinct requirements of each wind project. 

Swift intruder deterrence

In the age of technological advancements, physical presence alone is insufficient. Kooi redefines protection through our Kooi Alarm Center, where vigilant operators proactively monitor sites, playing a siren and audible message to deter intruders. This swift response ensures project managers remain undisturbed, as we seamlessly handle security. Our adaptable solutions cater to Spanish wind projects, offering flexibility in monitoring specific points or providing comprehensive site coverage. 




Photo: Our UFO near a windturbine


Empower your Spanish wind project with Kooi's expertise 

As the Spanish wind industry continues to thrive, Kooi Camera Surveillance stands as a reliable partner, committed to securing your assets and ensuring uninterrupted progress. Reach out to us for personalised advice on optimising security solutions tailored to the unique demands of the Spanish wind market. 

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