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Project sites require vigilant security measures to safeguard against threats year-round. With the arrival of spring, ensure your site's protection with our exclusive offer. At Kooi Camera Surveillance, we specialise in providing comprehensive temporary security solutions tailored to your needs. Our advanced surveillance systems offer 24/7 monitoring, deterring potential intruders and protecting your assets.

Whether you're a new or existing customer, don't miss out on our Limited Spring Offer, available for projects starting between April 1st and June 30th 2024. With no project duration limit, your site stays secure. Choose from discounted rates for UFO Prime or UFO Prime + Power Supply, ensuring comprehensive protection at reduced prices for the first 8 weeks. Trust Kooi to safeguard your site today.

Limited Spring Offer: Ensure your site's security

Looking to strengthen your site's security this spring? We've tailored a special offer for you. Take advantage of our exclusive discounts to ensure your site is fully protected, granting you peace of mind throughout the season.

Choose from two options:

  • Discounted rates for UFO Prime

Enjoy a reduced rate of €175 per week for the first 8 weeks (Regular price: €225), providing comprehensive surveillance for your site.

  • Discounted rates for UFO Prime + Power Supply

Secure our offer at just €350 per week for the first 8 weeks (Regular price: €425), combining UFO Prime and Power Supply for enhanced protection.


With these offers, you can experience the superior performance and reliability of our state-of-the-art camera systems at a more affordable price. Our team of experts will also provide efficient and professional installation and support to ensure your project site is fully protected. Our camera surveillance is designed to give project managers peace of mind while we watch over their sites. With our advanced camera technology, we can detect any unwanted activity on your construction site and take immediate action. 

At Kooi Camera Surveillance, we understand the importance of safety and security. That's why we provide temporary camera security solutions to ensure that your project site always remains safe and secure. Our team of experts is always available to answer any questions you may have, so please do not hesitate to contact us. Take advantage of our special offer today and secure your site with the best temporary camera security solutions available.  

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