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Sustainability and the environment

Kooi contributes to building a (sustainable) future on a daily basis. Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) are an important part of Kooi’s business operations.

This is reflected in our innovations and products. And in the attention we pay to employees and society. Kooi also recently received the certification for the CO2 performance ladder. On this page, we will inform you about all the developments in the area of sustainability.

CO2 performance ladder

Kooi recently received the certificate for the CO2 performance ladder. This enables us to chart our CO2 footprint and then determine our goals for reducing our CO2 emissions. In doing so, we will strengthen our image as a sustainable, reliable supplier. We have set the ambitions for reduction in our CO2 management system. These ambitions primarily concern the sustainability of our vehicle fleet, our accommodation and the sustainability of the power connection at project sites. We communicate transparently about our performance. We structurally share our CO2 footprint and reduction objectives both internally and externally.

10Co2 Min


We take CO2 emissions into account in the development of our products. Our products can be connected to high-voltage electricity and have low energy consumption. In the development of our products, we take CO2 emissions into account. Our products can be connected to high-voltage current and have low energy consumption. If no high-voltage electricity is available on site, Kooi supplies a sustainable energy supply. The best example of this is the Solar Power Unit, a power supply that runs entirely on solar energy.

Sustainable employability

Kooi stands for positive work culture. Sustainable employability is given full attention. We want our employees to experience the best Kooi they can. Development is key. Our own Kooi Academy enables our employees to continue their development. Kooi also encourages employees to take courses.


Kooi ensures that its accommodations are as sustainable as possible. When opening new offices, sustainable building is the key. In France (Lanester), Kooi built a new, fully sustainable building. During construction, attention was paid to the choice of materials and sustainable solutions were chosen for the energy supply.

Involved in the community

Kooi is involved in its region. It regularly supports initiatives and good causes in the area through sponsorship. Founder Pieter Kooi says: "We are grateful to our surroundings for allowing us to grow this much. We realize that there are people who are in a less fortunate position. That is why we like to give something back to society.”

Innovating sustainably

When developing new products, Kooi takes sustainability into account. For example, Kooi developed the UFO GO. This is a camera system that is entirely self-sufficient using solar panels. Thanks to its low energy consumption, the UFO GO can remain in the field year-round.