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Why do you need site security?

Are you looking for professional site security? Kooi uses advanced camera techniques to monitor all kinds of business parks. We will protect you against unwanted guests, so that theft and vandalism, among other things, are a thing of the past. 

While keeping an eye on things, we always make sure to prevent light pollution. In order to do this, we use high quality infrared surveillance cameras onsite. Give us a call for more information. Or feel free to request a quotation for site security!

why site security
efficiënt security for site

Site security in a cost-efficient way

There has always been a high demand for site security. The reasoning behind this, is the simple fact that crime can cause a lot of damage. We are talking mainly about theft. However, vandalism and fire also lure around the corner. 

In order to make site security as efficient as possible, we deploy advanced resources. This limits the deployment of security personnel and police, resulting in considerable cost savings and making site surveillance quite affordable. Do you want to receive more information on how we will secure your premises? Feel free to give us a call for a free security check and take advantage of our expertise. Call us now!

Securing business parks with Infrared cameras and the Kooi Alarm Center

Using infrared detection for terrain security is a logical choice. Not only does it allow us to quickly assess situations in the dark, it also prevents light pollution in the surrounding area. Our remotely controlled site cameras, with a range of 30,000 m2, are equipped with a siren and speaker.

The site security system is managed from our own Kooi Alarm Center. Our center is packed with experienced specialists, who can assess situations perfectly from a distance. Thanks to the high-quality onsite cameras, unnecessary calls to security or the police are kept to a minimum. If necessary, we will take care of the follow-up actions for you. You are not paying for any extra costs that might pop-up. Since these incidental costs are already covered by the standard rates of our on site security services.

infrared camera site security
securing premises against fire risk

Securing your premises against fire risk

Securing your premises against fires and scalding is of high importance. This applies above all to areas where waste is stored, since those places have a higher risk of fire. 

Areas like that require a special form of site security, which prevents fire from occurring. Our RED (Rising Early Detection) system is capable of detecting scalding on your site. The RED is available in both fixed and mobile configurations. Just like our security cameras, the system connects to the alarm center via the internet, so we can always intervene quickly in the event of a fire hazard. However, live streaming is also an option by using your own portal.  

Mobile terrain surveillance from Kooi

It goes without saying, when it comes down to securing a construction site, parking lot or business park a certain degree of flexibility is required. Our infrared camera systems are fully mobile.

Using the equipment requires a wireless internet connection. On top of that, you do not need a power connection. We will supply power via a Power Box or a solar Power Unit. Because of this, our solutions are suitable for all kinds of terrains, while relocations are easy to bring about.

Mobile terrain surveillance
securing your site for insurance

Securing your site for insurance

Site security is used to protect your property. Vandalism, theft and fire can cost you a lot of money, even when you are insured. Most insurance companies make demands on the way your property is secured.

When everything is in order, you are entitled to your compensation. Our specialists are aware of the conditions and will be happy to inform you on the matter. In the event of an incident on your premises, we will provide you with an extensive report. This, can of course also be used for the settlement with your insurance.

Start now with efficient terrain security from Kooi

As an entrepreneur, you want to sleep well at night. No more lying awake anymore; employ Kooi for your site monitoring. 

Our flexible cameras for securing your premises take a lot of worries out of your hands. In addition, the Kooi Alarm Center takes care of a professional handling of incidents. Unnecessarily high costs are a thing of the past thanks to our smart and efficient way of working. Curious to know what we can do for you? We will be happy to discuss the possibilities with you in an advisory meeting. Contact us now for your site security!

terrain security with Kooi

FAQs about site security

What are the costs of job site security?

The costs depend on various factors, such as the size of the terrain and the type of security you choose. Our efficient working method is designed to keep your costs as low as possible.

Is the security suitable for every terrain?

Our equipment operates without the need for a power supply. For this, we use a Power Box or Solar Power Unit. The connection to the power station is wireless, which makes our security systems suitable for almost every construction site.

Can site monitoring cause nuisance in the area?

Our cameras use infrared, so there is no light nuisance. Any necessary alarm or use of the loudspeaker may be audible in the area.

Is flexible terrain security an option? 

We work with wireless cameras, which can be moved quickly and easily. The equipment is advanced and suitable for plug & play use.

Do we have to pay extra for follow-up?

You do not have to pay extra for this. When necessary we do use security guards or the police, but this does not raise your costs.

How do I stay informed of any incidents?

When an incident occurs, we will provide you with detailed reports. If you are using our RED system, you will be able to watch the event live.

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Advice and site support
We are happy to help you find the best solution for your location. Please fill in your details and we will call you back as soon as possible.

You are assured of

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24/7 surveillance
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Kooi Alarm Center
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Inhouse engineering
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for remote video monitoring

Are you curious about what our high-quality remote video monitoring can do for your company? Not a single site or company is the same. Therefore we are offering custom-made security solutions. We will inspect your situation, before we provide you with an advanced video surveillance system.

If you are interested in the projects that we have executed and currently are executing? Then you can take a look at a few of our cases that we have described in detail on our website. This will give you a clear and broad overview of our knowledge and expertise.

Chances are that our innovative systems and techniques can also be of value to your company. Thanks to our (cost) efficient working methods, we will keep your site secured 24/7, at a competitive rate. Feel free to ask for a no-obligation consultation, or let us provide you with a quotation for 24/7 remote video monitoring.

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