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Advanced resolutions for construction site security

Prevent threats to your property with our advanced resolutions for construction site security. Kooi is an international company that provides innovative technology for security. It’s better to prevent damage caused by theft or criminals, than to reimburse the costs.

We instal advanced construction site security cameras to protect your premise remotely. The rapid deployable system with infrared detection can be fully operable within one hour. Once set up, the unit for observation offers high resolution footage day and night. Moreover, the security system is connected to our PAC-certified alarm center. This resolutions has proven to be efficient and more affordable then conventional security guards, because the centralist can monitor multiple premises at once. Request a free quotation if you want to know more about the price of construction security.

Advanced construction site security
247 security for construction sites

Construction site security cameras with 24/7 monitoring

The construction site security cameras are connected to CCTV monitoring. This control room is manned 24 hours a day and 365 days a year by trained centralists. They are aware of the latest security developments, what allows them to assess undesirable situations in a proper way.

The remote construction security is equipped with a wireless 4G internet connection with a reliable quality. If an intruder enters your premise a message is received by the Kooi Alarm Center. Our security personnel estimates the threat, before they act in a suitable manner. The jobsite security has a built-in speaker and alarm system, that can be activated remotely. Mostly, this is sufficient to deter intruders. We don’t charge extra when the police is contacted. Feel free to ask advice if you want to know more about construction site security systems.

Protect your property with construction security

A proper construction security can protect your property against several unwanted situations, like larceny and destruction of belongings. The mobile surveillance unit consists of an extendable mast that reaches up to 6 meters. This enables us to monitor jobsites with a range up to 30.000 square meters.

Theft of expensive materials or valuable machinery has major impact on the construction process. In a direct way it is expensive to replace the stolen products and indirectly it delays the work to your project. Onsite security is a cost-efficient way to prevent criminals from causing harm to your property. Let us inform you about the possibilities.


Cost-efficient construction security
Benefits of site security

What are the benefits of site security?

Unattended construction sites are an attractive target for vandalisms. A high-quality site security system is of great importance in reducing the safety risks. We’ve listed the significant benefits below:

  • Cost-efficient security;
  • Our service includes installation and maintenance;
  • We charge no extra costs for direct follow-up;
  • Infrared detection for high resolution images in the dark;
  • Remotely controllable siren and speaker;
  • Round the clock construction site security monitoring;
  • Suitable for almost every terrain;

Every site requires a different approach. Are you curious about the possibilities? We can draw up a tailor-made solution to protect your premise.

Are the security camera’s deployable on every construction site?

The construction jobsite cameras can be deployed at any imaginable construction site. The wireless connection of the mobile surveillance unit eliminates the need for an internet connection. Furthermore, we can supply you with a suitable power supply, when your location doesn’t have access to the mains.

Kooi offers three different solutions to provide the construction site security with enough energy. The power box is a common aggregate that generates a reliable energy flow for the system. The solar power unit is a 100% green resolution that works with solar panels. The hybrid power box merges the techniques and has the ability to switch to a generator when there is little daylight. We can perform a security check to map the needs to secure your jobsite.


rapid deployable security cameras for construction sites
International security coverage

Get started with construction site security

Securing your construction site does not end with the installation of camera surveillance. The complete service makes all the difference. We can help you with our advanced building site security cameras and our Kooi Alarm Center.

Furthermore, we will secure your construction site in a cost-efficient way. However, our low costs are not at the expense of our excellent service. Our international growth, which has led to our presence in 20 European countries and an international team of 140 employees, is our certification of quality of our machines and services. Neutralize threats to your valuable construction site now. Contact us today for our high-quality construction site security!

Does construction site security meet the conditions of insurers?

In order to receive reimbursement from your insurer, you have to meet the conditions for construction site security. Most of the time they are reluctant to cover the costs caused by theft or destruction, when the property isn’t properly secured.

When an incident takes place, we do not only take action, but we also provide you with a comprehensive report. Our centralists are trained to handle insurance issues in a proper way. Most insurance companies accept the construction site surveillance cameras of Kooi, in order to cover the damage. Do you want to know more about the demands of insurers? Feel free to request more information.

security conditions for insurance

Frequently asked questions


How can you protect a construction site?

There are several ways to protect your property. We offer high-quality mobile surveillance units with high resolution camera’s. This enables us to monitor the construction site remotely, which will save you costs. We recommend our very early fire detection for places with combustible materials.

Do I have to take action myself during an incident?

Our security specialists take everything off your hands, which means that you do not have to take any action yourself. They receive a notification when anything suspicious is detected by our security systems for construction sites. The high-resolution images make it possible to estimate the situation, in order to act in a proper manner. Moreover, we take care of the follow-up and we provide you with an extensive report about our actions.

What are the most common threats for an unmanned site?

The biggest risk of an unmanned construction site are theft and destruction. The expensive machinery stays on site at night and in the weekend, as well as the raw materials and the construction tools. The stolen products are generally resold on the black market. 

What happens during malfunctions?

We take the responsibility for the operation of the construction site security cameras. We provide periodic maintenance to ensure that the equipment continues to function properly. The centralists receive a notification when a malfunction is detected. When there are problems with the camera, the connection or the alarm system, we will send someone over to solve the problem.

Why is it wise to invest in construction security services?

Damage to your construction site can cause you a lot of problems. Replacing stolen materials is expensive, but it can also slow down the construction process. Moreover, the insurers may be reluctant to reimburse the damage, caused by theft or destruction, when there are no sufficient security measures taken.

In which countries does Kooi provide their services?

The security of Kooi can be installed everywhere throughout Europe. Thanks to our offices that are spread across the Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain, the UK and Scandinavia, we have a large international reach.

Can the security system be moved?

Most of the time, the work is carried out by sector, causing the construction site to change. Because of this, the property may no longer be within the range of the camera’s. In this case, we can move the system to the desired location. Due to the wireless connection and the movable energy sources, every imaginable terrain is suitable for our construction site security.

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Advice and site support
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24/7 surveillance
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Are you curious about what our high-quality remote video monitoring can do for your company? Not a single site or company is the same. Therefore we are offering custom-made security solutions. We will inspect your situation, before we provide you with an advanced video surveillance system.

If you are interested in the projects that we have executed and currently are executing? Then you can take a look at a few of our cases that we have described in detail on our website. This will give you a clear and broad overview of our knowledge and expertise.

Chances are that our innovative systems and techniques can also be of value to your company. Thanks to our (cost) efficient working methods, we will keep your site secured 24/7, at a competitive rate. Feel free to ask for a no-obligation consultation, or let us provide you with a quotation for 24/7 remote video monitoring.

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