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Rising Early Detection

Maximum peace of mind with trend analysis detection

The risk of fire and overheating in the processing of waste. Kooi offers you RED (Rising Early Detection), which was designed especially for this purpose. RED has a rotating-thermometric camera that continuouslyrecords the temperature in your waste. An alarm is immediately sent to our alarm center if the temperature exceeds a specified value.


Full-service solution

RED is ideal for monitoring the temperature of (waste) products prone to overheating and fire. With RED, we offer you a total solution. Together, we can draw up a protocol and in that way deal with everything from A to Z. From the system’s installation and configuration to how our alarm center responds to the alarms. We provide a full-service solution that caters for all your needs.


Trend-based detection analysis

At Kooi, we work with a 24/7-detection system based on trend analysis. Has an abnormal temperature rise occurred in your waste storage facility? Then the Kooi Alarm Center will be immediately alerted of this. Of course, the alarm can also be set to go off when a specific temperature is exceeded. Thanks to an innovative system, RED can screen potential alarms very precisely and thus prevents false alarms.

Ancillary products

RED can be delivered quickly and entirely autonomously, in fixed and mobile configurations. Installing certain systems and connections on your premises yourself can sometimes be difficult. That is why Kooi also supplies various ancillary products, such as power and internet hardware. In addition to a robust housing, RED also has an environmentally-friendly hybrid power supply system, for example.

Peace of mind 24/7

We have a RED portal with which we can display temperature changes at your location using graphs and a panoramic live footage 24/7. With your own personal login codes, you can always watch live. RED also has a control system which ensures a good connection. In this way, RED ensures maximum safety and peace  of mind!

This makes the RED system unique

  • Mobile or fixed solution, easy to install
  • 360-degree camera with coverage of 70.000m2
  • Trend-based detection analysis per zone
  • Expertise team at Kooi Alarm Center 
  • 24/7-live viwing with personal portal
  • Autonomous solution, including internet
  • You are the first to be alerted of a fire risk

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