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RED: temperature monitoring system

Maximum peace of mind with trend analysis detection

We have our own temperature monitoring system, which bears the name RED (abbreviation for Rising Early Detection). The RED is of vital importance to companies in many industries, especially in the waste processing sector.

With our advanced thermographic cameras, we continuously monitor the temperature, so that we can intervene in time in case of fire hazards. Our own alarm center takes care of the necessary follow-up. Feel free to contact us immediately if you are in need of a professional temperature monitoring system!

Temperature monitoring system with a thermographic camera

Temperature monitoring systems are very important to prevent fire, especially for waste processing companies, that have to deal with overheating in piles of waste. When it comes to preventing and minimizing fire risk, we use high quality thermographic cameras. These cameras are known as heat cameras, thermal cameras or thermal imaging cameras. Our system is known as RED, which stands for Rising Early Detection.

Our rotating thermal cameras work on the basis of trend analysis. When an abnormal rise in temperature occurs, our system immediately sounds the alarm, which is sent to our alarm center. Each camera has a 360 degree range of 360 M².

Interested? Contact us directly for more information about temperature monitoring systems, or request a quote!

RED linked to the alarm center

The RED, our thermal camera, is connected by using 4G to our own alarm center. At the alarm center our specialists are available 24 hours a day. When necessary, they will take care of the follow-up procedure, which could for example mean that they will call in the fire department. Our state-of-the-art equipment prevents unnecessary deployment of firemen. Besides, our heat detecting systems monitor the temperature 24/7. 

Our advanced control system ensures that the connection to the alarm center always remains stable. This way, your heat detection remains online 24/7.

An extra benefit of the system is that you, as an entrepreneur, can monitor the situation yourself. You will receive personal login codes, so that you can login whenever you see fit and behold the state of affairs.

Systematic monitoring of temperature: tailor-made approach

Our systems for temperature monitoring are tailor-made as much as possible. Together, we will draw up a protocol, after which we will take care of everything from A to Z. For example, we can agree on a certain temperature, above which the alarm will be activated.

The RED is a comprehensive solution, that can be placed in various configurations, for example in a fixed or a mobile setup. We also take care of the power supply and wireless internet, if necessary. The RED is a thermographic camera with a robust housing. On top of all that our camera is equipped with an environmentally friendly hybrid energy system.

Why your company needs the RED heat camera

Fogging is a problem not to be underestimated, this problem will not occur when using thermal heat cameras. The RED is a heat camera that prevents fire damage. 

These are the main reasons to choose for our temperature monitoring system.

  • High quality thermal cameras
  • Available in fixed or mobile setup
  • Detection per zone possible
  • Wirelessly connected to the Kooi Alarm Center
  • Monitor the situation yourself 24/7, if wanted

Quotation for temperature monitoring system

Curious about how we can help you to make your company more fireproof? Our thermal cameras ensure that you can go to sleep carefree. When there is a high risk of fire, the Kooi Alarm Center will come to action. 

We will happily provide you with a free safety check, as well as expert advice. At Kooi, personal contact is of the utmost priority. This applies to both current and new customers, who benefit from our cost-efficient heat detecting services. Our employees are always ready to help. Feel free to contact us today, so we can help you with your temperature monitoring system!

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