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Professional CCTV monitoring connected to the Kooi Alarm Center

Never worry about the security risks for your organization with our professional CCTV monitoring. This solutions is proven to be effective in preventing the risk of theft and vandalism. Our security system is connected to our Pac-certified Kooi Alarm Center that is manned 24 hours a day by our virtual guards.

The technology makes it possible for a qualified security specialist to secure a property remotely, through a wireless 4G connection. Although the centralist isn’t on site, there is human intervention and real-time communication due to the built-in alarm system and speakers. The infrared detection of the security camera’s provides crystal-clear footage day and night. The control room receives a notification when an unwanted situation is detected, which enables us to act adequately. Feel free to ask advice about remote camera monitoring.

Professional CCTV monitoring
Virtual guard service

Effective surveillances with Virtual guard service

For a long time Kooi has invested in the development of an innovative virtual guard system. This solution enables us to monitor multiple properties at the same time, without the risk of an unwanted situation going unnoticed. We have our own emergency center with trained security guards who assess the situation in a proper way.

CCTV monitoring is usually efficient enough to deter any unwanted visitors, because the sound of the alarm or speaker scares of the intruders most of the time. If the response of local law enforcement is required, our virtual guard will contact them immediately. We do not charge extra when direct follow-up is required. We are happy to prepare a non-binding offer if you want to know more about the costs of remote camera monitoring.

24/7 remote camera monitoring through 4G wireless connection

Because our specialists asses the risks remotely, a good internet connection between security and the emergency center is crucial. Our mobile surveillance unit has a wireless 4G connection to the CCTV monitoring. We make sure that the connection is steady to prevent security malfunction.

Moreover, a proper power supply is needed to provide the remote video monitoring system with the needed energy. We prefer an on-site power source, but when this isn’t available we can provide you with alternative solutions. The power box is an aggregate which generates a stable energy supply. The solar power unit is an environment friendly device that functions with solar panels. The hybrid power box is a combination of the solutions, that switches to a noise-free generator when there is not enough sunlight. We are happy to map out your needs during a free security check.

247 remote camera monitoring
Benefits of remote CCTV video monitoring

What is the advantage of remote video monitoring?

Remote video monitoring has many advantages over traditional manpowered on-site guarding solutions. Our technology is not only more efficient, but also cost-effective. Below, you can read the best benefits:

  • Clear video footage day and night;
  • Extensive reports after an incident;
  • Costs for follow-up included;
  • 24/7 monitoring 365 days a year;
  • International coverage;
  • PAC-certified, meets the European standard EN50518;
  • Trained security guards;

In addition to all these advantageous features, you can count on a complete service with Kooi. We implement, install, maintain and keep an eye on the remote CCTV monitoring. Contact us if you want to know more about possibilities for your company.

Early detection of fire with CCTV remote monitoring

Our virtual guard system can be installed on various terrains. The technology is used for a wide range of applications, such as construction site security, wind farms, solar parks and parking lots. We don’t just offer camera security to prevent theft and crime, but we also provide technology for early fire detection: RED. This system watches fluctuations in temperature.

This solution is especially suitable for recycling companies and areas for waste disposal. These terrains contain a lot of combustible materials, which can lead to fire. Our specialists at CCTV monitoring receive a notification when the temperature exceeds the set value. They provide direct follow-up if needed, by contacting the emergency services. You can request a quotation if you want to know more about the costs.

Early fire detection with CCTV remote monitoring
affordable monitoring solution

Invest in an affordable monitoring solutions through CCTV

One may think that a virtual guard is more expensive than common security guards, but this is not the case. A great benefit of CCTV monitoring is the affordability. Our security is proven to be accessible for many entrepreneurs, due to our cost-efficient method of work.

The system makes it possible to monitor multiple locations at once, reducing the number of staff required for greater coverage. One camera system can oversee areas up to 30000 m2. Depending on the size of your site, we can estimate the amount of cameras that’s needed to protect your property. We are happy to tell you more during a consultation.

Protect your belongings and commence with remote CCTV monitoring

You can take your security further with our state-of-the-art CCTV monitoring. We are happy to visit your company to determine your personal needs. Although our service is more affordable, you don’t have to compromise on quality.

We stand for high-quality technology and personal contact. Reliable video security and less chance of financial damage due to theft or other crimes. We are happy to tell you more about the opportunities for your company. Please contact us to commence with CCTV monitoring.

state of the art remote monitoring through CCTV

Frequently asked questions


Why should I invest in a virtual security guard?

Our innovative solutions are guaranteed to be more affordable than common security guards. Advanced methods enable us to monitor a region from a distance. We only contact the police or fire brigade when there is no other option.

Is the connection to the Kooi Alarm Center reliable?

We can assure you that the connection to our emergency center is very trustworthy. The connection between the device and our personnel at CCTV monitoring is established with a wireless 4G connection. Therefore, we can secure your property throughout the day.

How can remote monitoring be used deter intruders?

The remote camera monitoring system is equipped with built-in sirens, lights and speakers that can be operated remotely. Mostly, the unexpected sound scares of the trespassers. If they refuse to leave your property, we will contact the police.

Can I monitor the security footage myself?

You don’t have access to the security footage from the virtual guard. It is possible to view the temperature monitoring of the RED live via a personal portal.

Is the security service of Kooi internationally available?

Our security company originates in the Netherlands, but in recent years we’ve expanded internationally. We have various offices spread across Europe and we supply security systems in Germany, France, the UK, Spain and Scandinavia.

What does the complete service of Kooi mean?

We are an all-inclusive security company, which means that we provide a complete service. We install the devices, execute the maintenance, monitor the video footage and resolve suspicious circumstances.

Is the virtual security guard suitable for every terrain?

Our security devices can be installed on every conceivable terrain. We provide various power sources to provide the system with enough energy, such as the power box, solar power unit and the hybrid power box. Moreover, the wireless connection connects the cameras to the Kooi Alarm Center with CCTV monitoring.

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24/7 surveillance
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