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Wind energy

Security for your wind farm

Sustainability lies at the core of building a sustainable future. Sustainable wind energy generation forms an integral part of this. The construction of wind turbines often involves large high-value machinery and resources. For example, builders' cranes and the wind turbine components themselves.

These machines and materials often contain expensive copper cables. Theft can result in serious tangible and intangible loss or damage, including the costs of a project or production delay. Our mobile - and possibly temporary - security cameras, support products and Kooi Alarm Centre can prevent project delays by providing you with optimal security on your wind farm 24/7.

Years of experience and expertise

The origin of our expertise lies in the wind energy sector. One of the largest wind turbine builders in the world immediately saw the advantages of our UFO alarm system and camera surveillance at the very start. We consequently have years of experience in securing wind farms. We understand better than anyone what is involved in planning the building of a wind farm. This allows us to faultlessly identify where the critical points lie in terms of security, and we also have extremely good contacts with many of the market chain partners. In short, with the right insight, we are able to deploy the most efficient working method to every wind energy project, from start to finish.

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