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Business parks and storage

Temporary security for your business park or storage facilities

Like construction sites, business parks are also often located in remote, vulnerable and unsecured locations. Company storage facilities on modern business parks often house valuable machinery and other assets.

Thieves often see their vulnerability as an opportunity to steal copper, fuel or other valuable materials and assets. Theft is not only extremely frustrating and expensive, but it can also result in a lot of red tape. Our innovative security systems ensure complete peace of mind so you can rest easy.

24/7 Camera surveillance

Our mobile security cameras can actively monitor your business park or storage location against vandalism, trespassers and other calamities 24/7. We also offer support and flexible products for temporary emergency or power supplies. In our own PAC-certified Kooi Alarm Centre, our control room operators respond to all the reports themselves. In most cases, a targeted response means trespassers leave the area on their own accord. But we will call the emergency services free of charge if required.

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